• All empty seats will be released for wait listed attendees post 11am. By agreeing terms and conditions, you also agree to adhere to these terms.
  • Each ticket / confirmation code admits one attendee only.
  • All registrations are subject to verification, any discrepancy may result in cancellation of registration.
  • All tickets are non-refundable & non-transferable.
  • Please carry a print out of the confirmation email, which contains your confirmation code.
  • Seat numbers will be allotted to each confirmed and verified (by security and registration personnel) attendee at the entrance.
  • Event doors will remain shut during sessions and will not open for entry.
  • There will be a simulcast area to view live proceedings in the venue foyer area.
  • Entry into the auditorium will only start 30 minutes before the show timing (9:30 am)
  • Attendees reaching late at the venue will NOT be allowed inside the auditorium or will NOT be allotted a confirmed seat. Registrations and entry to the venue stop at 10:00 am SHARP.
  • All attendees must carry a valid government verified photo identity card to attain a conference attendee badge at the venue. Example: Pan Card, Passport, etc​- The attendees must wear their conference badge throughout the conference across all venues.- Limited Parking is available outside the venue. Please plan accordingly. We encourage you to car pool or use public transport.
  • Consumption of any prohibited substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Any individual might be asked to leave the venue without any liability of a refund if there is any behavioural misdemeanour; the decision of which rests with the conference management and venue management and is final and binding. The security of the venue is entrusted to Mumbai Police and Private Security Agencies. Please cooperate with the private security / police personnel or any agencies for security checks.
  • No Flash Photography or video recording at the venue is permitted, under any circumstances.
  • Carrying of food items, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons, inflammable and banned substances into the event premises are strictly prohibited.
  • The organizer does not take any responsibility for injuries, loss or theft of any personal belongings of a ticket holder/attendee.
  • Children under the age of 13 will not be allowed at the venue unaccompanied.
  • There will be 3 breaks through the course of the event for networking including a lunch break. Breakfast will be served from 8am at the venue, before the show.
  • Re-entry into the venue is strictly prohibited. Attendees will have to submit event badge to the security at exit. The same will not be given back.
  • All standard venue and attendee rules are applicable.
  • There is no refund for NO SHOWS. Guests who do not report for registration will have to forfeit their ticket. The ticket cannot be transferred to anyone else. The attendee has agreed to these terms before registration.
  • All registrations are subject to verification, any discrepancy may result in cancellation of registration.
  • Holder of any duplicate or forged passes/badges/tickets will be handed over to the security and/or police personnel. Forging passes is a criminal offense.
  • Limited Parking is available outside at the venue. Please plan accordingly. We encourage you to car pool or share your car with other attendees. Find Car Poolers on twitter by searching for #TEDxCarpool or #TEDxCarpoolers
  • By Registering and making a payment you agree that all details provided are accurate. Any discrepancies in the same will lead to cancellation of the pass/seat at the venue.
  • The organizers reserve the rights of frisk and restrict entry.
  • Bulk booking in not permitted by individuals. Registration will be cancelled.
  • Corporates must not book individual registrations but only corporate registrations. Passes will be cancelled if the same is flagged as corporate or bulk booking.


  1. Official Hashtag: #TEDxGateway
  2. Live Webcast:
  3. We urge you to use public transport or car pool to save fuel and get to know fellow attendees before the event. Find #TEDxCarpoolers or #TEDxCarpool on Twitter.