Frequently Asked Questions

What are the topics that will be covered in the conference?

Breaking Barriers is an annual in-person TEDxSalon event that focuses the spotlight on dazzling ideas from some of the world’s most extraordinary thought leaders! From standing up for social injustice to helping humanity reach Mars, women are breaking down walls and reaching great heights in fields of science, technology, education, business, medicine, and activism to name a few.

How can I reach TEDxGateway for queries?

Please write to us at

What will be the start and end time of the conference?

The registration starts at 2pm 
The gates of the auditorium open at 4pm. 
The conference will begin at 4:30pm.

How do I register for the event?

You can visit the website to register.

Is there any age limit?

Children under the age of 12 years should be accompanied by an adult and student tickets do not include the adult accompanying.

Student Pass – The student pass is only valid for students between the age of 8 – 21 years on the day of the event, and the student cannot be less than 8 years or more than 21 years.

Can I get a discount on the ticket?

We only give discounts to a few selective guests, you can apply on our website to be on our guest list.

Please note: Guest list seats are based on a first-come-first-served basis.

Will there be food served at the conference?

Yes, there will be beverages and refreshments served at the conference.

Can I speak at the conference / How to enroll  to be a speaker for future events/conferences?

Please write to our speaker team at

Note : Writing to us does not guarantee a speaker slot. It is considered as a profile / talk pitch only. The team will conduct a detailed research on the same and get back accordingly.

Can I personally meet the speakers in the conference?

Our Patron Pass allows you to enter the ABG Lounge where most of our speakers would be there. Also, you might be able to find the speakers at the dinner/garden post the main event.

Can I pre-book a seat or book the seats for a corporate?

Yes, we have patron/corporate passes bought in bulk, we will be able to facilitate the same. Please get in touch with

Is there a corporate discount ?

Yes, there is a corporate discount please use the referral code ‘TG2022’ and register on