Role Title: Research & Curation Assistant | 0-2 years experience.

To be a  part of the research team you must have a flair for language, a quest for discovering what’s new around the world and have a creative streak of mind. You need to love research and writing and feel a personal stake in the future of science, design, technology, politics, philosophy, art, and/or pop culture. This is not necessarily about what you majored in — we’re looking for deep personal interest. 

You will be responsible for researching and reaching out to people with great ideas from across the world. Being a part of this team is an opportunity to meet and closely interact with some of the most dynamic change makers in the world and help them build the talk of their lives

You will be carrying forward the legacy of a team that has curated TEDxGateway talks for speakers like Sonam Wangchuk, Sudharak Olwe, Sparsh Shah, which have garnered millions of views on YouTube alone.

The Role Includes:

  • Research & Pitching talks and ideas on a diverse range of topics to editors and curators.
  • Identifying trends and categories that allow us to strategically package talks or ideas for TED editorial channels and social media.
  • Working directly with Speakers and the Core Content team for the conference.
  • Reporting to the team co-ordinator during every step of the research, curation and coordination.

Skill set required:

  • A proactive stance and curiosity to excavate exceptional content as part of research.
  • Strong time management, prioritization and organizational skills.
  • Intellectual curiosity.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Awareness of social media platforms and their potential as both sources of stories as well as distribution forums.
  • Capacity to brainstorm and contribute to the implementation of the idea.

Education & Experience:

  • Graduation is a must for candidates.


  • All work opportunities are short term (min 6 months)full time long term. 
  • Working Day/Timing: Monday – Saturday / 10am to 7pm | Except closer to event – work on Sundays.
  • Work from office in Parel, Mumbai.

Role Benefits

  • People completing their tenure will receive a globally recognised TEDx certificate.

How to Apply