Here’s how the gender gap in Internet usage in India affects us

September 12, 2022

New Delhi: Shefali Shah, widely regarded as one of the best actresses in the Indian film industry, is set to join the esteemed list of speakers at TEDxGateway as India's Largest Ideas Platform returns after two years with its iconic event #BreakingBarriers.

Shefali Shah is currently at the top of her game with her recently released projects such as Human, Jalsa, Darlings, Delhi Crime 2, and Doctor G, which have received much love and appreciation from the audience and critics alike. This year, the actress has been everywhere. From award functions to movie screenings and promotions, Shefali Shah's name is the one that has time and again been talked about, both in the industry and amongst the cinegoers.

Expect a soul-baring and open discussion with a woman and artist who has continually displayed strength and might and has served as an inspiration for audiences around the country as well as actors, exactly like her performances. Here is the post shared by the organisers: viewPost

Shefali Shah will take the stage at TEDxGateway’s Breaking Barriers on the 18th November in Mumbai. On the work front, the actress was last seen in Ayushmann Khurrana's 'Doctor G'.